Jessica (jbadgr) wrote,

Respect the Oud

Title: Respect the Oud
Artist: jbadgr 
Rating: G
Fandom: DC Comics (munnin_odanin 's  Band!AU)
Characters: Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown

Let me just say how incredible this AU is and a super 'thank you' to the brilliant munnin_odanin for sharing the link.

**Edit: Read the the fic to accompany the pic!!!

So here is Damian with his oud and Steph with a super, ultra, bitchin' Gibson acoustic J-250 (the greatest acoustic guitar in the history of the world IMO, but I'm also a bit biased towards Gibson and their guitars/mandolins).

I love the two of them --  they're like some adorable bizarre version of Dick and Babs <3

Damian respects the oud, do you?

Tags: c: damian wayne, c: stephanie brown, f: band!au, f: dc comics, fanart
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