Jessica (jbadgr) wrote,

Respect the Oud

Title: Respect the Oud
Artist: jbadgr 
Rating: G
Fandom: DC Comics (munnin_odanin 's  Band!AU)
Characters: Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown

Let me just say how incredible this AU is and a super 'thank you' to the brilliant munnin_odanin for sharing the link.

**Edit: Read the the fic to accompany the pic!!!

So here is Damian with his oud and Steph with a super, ultra, bitchin' Gibson acoustic J-250 (the greatest acoustic guitar in the history of the world IMO, but I'm also a bit biased towards Gibson and their guitars/mandolins).

I love the two of them --  they're like some adorable bizarre version of Dick and Babs <3

Damian respects the oud, do you?

Tags: c: damian wayne, c: stephanie brown, f: band!au, f: dc comics, fanart
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Oh Jess! I love you so much!

The look on Damian’s face is so beautiful! Like he’s just found that place inside himself where the music comes from.

Thank you so much! It’s so beautiful!

Please let me write you something in return? I can’t thank you enough.
Awww, yay!! I'm so happy you like it!! It was really fun to draw :3

Wow, really?? Well, if I could have you write anything, I would love a Band!AU piece with Dammy and Steph- I adore them both :D

No thanks needed! I adore the series and look forward to read more <333


8 years ago

So awesome! \O/ I love Damian's intense, in-the-moment expression. And until now, I had no idea what an oud was. XD
Thank you!! <333333

Hehe- Yay for learning stuff! I love ouds- they resonate much like a lute but have that great 'twang' like a mandolin because of its twin string alignment :3 I was super excited to read that Damian played one in the AU <33
You just made my already wonderful day two times better. Thanks so much for your work! Great detail on the instruments.
Awww, wow it means a lot that you enjoy the pic :3 Haha- yes the pen tool was my dear friend with those instruments. Still wish the lines were a bit smoother but hey, what can I do? I have the attention span of a small gnat and there are plenty of bright, shiny things to distract me :D
I just LITERALLY started reading that Band!AU series last night! And it is awesome!

And now you've gone and made fanart of it, GUH ♥♥♥
Isn't it amazing!! I love how so many people contribute towards it's awesomeness :D

I read the initial prompt response and thought '... must ...draw... Damian... playing...OUD' XD

Deleted comment

Aww, thank you Lu!!!

Well it's true! You are colouring is always so gorgeous <33

I'm really glad you like the colours, I tried to use a simpler technique because I was feeling lethargic after drawing that damn guitar, hehe. I'm in love with that particular Gibson, but it costs more than an SUV so.. none for me D:
That is *gorgeous*!!! I love Steph's face! Wow, this is so, so beautiful, I'm just stunned.
Wow thank you!!! Your incredible story "The Perfect Gift" was like, a huge inspiration for it. I adored the sweetness between the two of them :3 I'm really happy you like it! <33333333
Oh beautiful, just beautiful.
Thank you so much! <333
OUD!... sorry :)

They look fantastic, and the strange adorable relationship between the two of them is very very there and I love this picture.
YAY OUDS! I want an effing oud-- I feel like I could rock an oud. I won't play it... but I will carry it around on my shoulder like a super cool person :D

I love Damian because he is such an awkward turtle-- and adding Steph in there as a kind of toned-down mother hen is just so sweet.

I happy you love the pic! It means a lot I am totally in love with your work <333


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago

Love this sooo much, yet I must ask what they're strumming...?
Woo! Glad you like it!!! XD

Hmm I had nothing in mind when I drew it but munnin_odanin wrote a fic to accompany the pic in which they are practicing a difficult part of "No-Man" (One of the band's songs <3)
Oh my. You have no idea how much I needed this. It's absolutely beautiful and everything about it makes me so happy. You are a fantastic artist, the colors and expressions are brilliant and I love what Steph is wearing :D
Aww, wow thank you so much! <333

You have no idea how happy your comment has made me!! :D
I think munnin needs to drag you into drawing more art for this series. >>;; *has been pulled into and written a bit, @_@*
Haha, it wouldn't be too terribly difficult as I am completely enamored with this AU :D

OMG YES! I was reading through all of the links and thought to myself, "How could this get better? It's so perfect!" And then Lady effing GAGA comes in with your piece and I was just sold for life <333333 Makes me want to draw Dick and Gaga being sparkle-faboo together :D


8 years ago


8 years ago