Jessica (jbadgr) wrote,

Smexy Dress Steph

Title: Smexy Dress Steph!
Artist: jbadgr 
Rating: G
Fandom: DC Comics (munnin_odanin 's  Band!AU)
Characters: Stephanie Brown

Response art to munnin_odanin 's Dressing for the Part!

"Steph stepped into the room with a flourish, the folds of her skirt settling about her knees like a cloud. The dress was simple but it fitted her perfectly, accentuating the subtle curve of her hips and chest. Lilac cotton trimmed with imperial purple lace, her long legs clad in dark stockings that ended in her favourite purple docs. “How do I look?” she asked, almost shyly, pushing at the dark violet ribbon that held back her curls."

I love drawing Steph, especially for the Band!AU <33333

Tags: c: stephanie brown, f: band!au, f: dc comics, fanart
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