Jessica (jbadgr) wrote,

Smexy Dress Steph

Title: Smexy Dress Steph!
Artist: jbadgr 
Rating: G
Fandom: DC Comics (munnin_odanin 's  Band!AU)
Characters: Stephanie Brown

Response art to munnin_odanin 's Dressing for the Part!

"Steph stepped into the room with a flourish, the folds of her skirt settling about her knees like a cloud. The dress was simple but it fitted her perfectly, accentuating the subtle curve of her hips and chest. Lilac cotton trimmed with imperial purple lace, her long legs clad in dark stockings that ended in her favourite purple docs. “How do I look?” she asked, almost shyly, pushing at the dark violet ribbon that held back her curls."

I love drawing Steph, especially for the Band!AU <33333

Tags: c: stephanie brown, f: band!au, f: dc comics, fanart
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I bow at your feet! You are amazing! That’s just....stunning. Jess I love you!
Wah! You beat me- I just posted the link as a comment to the fic D:

I thought Steph needed a sexy moment as I'm kind of prone to drawing her in jeans, hehe.

Wow, ok no, YOU'RE AMAZING!! I'm glad you like it, though!!! Hehe, I love you too! You fulfill all my lovely, little fandom dreams <333
I'm always in awe of your coloring. No idea who the character is, but this is great.
Aww, wow thank you! She's a character in the Batman comics, the current Batgirl <3
She's gorgeous! And so is the dress! I love the colours in this, very soft and stunning.

I'm so happy such an amazing artist has been pulled into this AU ^_^
Oh, thank you! I love purple... and Steph! So the combo just makes it all the more fun for me to draw :D

Aww shush! You're making me blush XD I'm so happy I have been pulled in!! <3333


8 years ago


OOOOH! Steph looks so divine!

I particularly love the way you drew the shoes. I'd never wear a pair like that myself, but you make them look so delish. I bow at your feet.
Thank you! I actually bought that exact pair in Montréal because they were purple and fierce! But then I broke my ankle during a rugby match and now I lack the support to rock them. I live vicariously through Steph's ability to rock the shoes I shan't ever wear :*(
This is perfect. Perfectly gorgeous and perfect.
Ohhh thank you, dear! <33333333 Pretty dresses are super fun to draw :D
beautiful, the tiny little details are just amazing
Thank you!! <333
Gorgeous. You even put the pin!!
Thank you! Aw, glad you caught that!! <333
your art could buy my soul.
Wow- that's pretty awesome, thanks! <3333