Jessica (jbadgr) wrote,

band!au bio: Steph

Title: Bio Pic: Steph
Artist: jbadgr 
Rating: G
Fandom: DC Comics (munnin_odanin 's  Band!AU)
Characters: Stephanie Brown

Second bio pic for The Robin's official website

Again- I've totally pegged Steph as a Gibson girl, so I gave her a Les Paul: Epiphone-- it's a good smashing guitar because of the sparkle inlay :D She probably has a closet lined with replacements.

Here is the Jay in case you missed it: LINK

Also made some icons from the bio pics if anyone cares lol


Tags: c: stephanie brown, f: band!au, fanart
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Mmm, even Robins. <3 I see Stephie cleavage! XD
Love me some even Robins!! Hehe, sometimes she just needs to let 'the girls' breathe!
She's so pretty...
Oh, thank you! <3333
Gorgeous! \O/

I am so in love with all your Robins. ^____^
Thank you!! Aww, I'm glad you like them :3
This is me, doing the happy dance! Oh she so cool! I love her guitar!

Still haven’t written up the bios but I will *adds to list* promise.

So sweet! Thank you!
Yay happy dance! Glad you like her! Hehe- not need for any rush- I still have to knock out three more of these pics D:
This is wonderful! I'll get it up ASAP. ^^ I love the look in her eyes, just a little bit challenging. ^_^
Aww, Thank you! Poor girl, I need to give her some variation in wardrobe and hair styles, hehe :D
She looks kinda like Taylor Swift.

*dives away from sharp, flying projectiles aimed at my face*

Your art is still pretty.

(Also friending you because I've been lurking since forever.)
Lol, still pretty? Taylor Swift is beautiful so I definitely take that as a compliment!! It's probably because I made her eyes so slim and lash heavy.

Deleted comment

Thanks :3
I am so in love with your Steph. You place so much in her eyes. It's like she's seen so much yet she's ready for more.
Thank you for this slice of beauty.
Awww thank you!! Your comment makes me so happy!!! :3 <3333333
Yummy Steph is totally delish! :D
Hehe, thanks!!! <333
STEPH! StephStephStephStephStephStephStephStephStephStephStephStephStephSteph!

Steph. :D
I LOVE STEPH! <333333333
I am SO FOND of your Steph because she is basically the perfect girl ever. Including the hipster scarf and the WAISTCOAT hnnnnnnng waistcoat.

I am honestly dead from so much awesome. My week has been shitty but this just made it all okay.

You are amazing <33333333333333333333333333333333
Ohh I'm happy you like her! I think she looks a bit like an alien but THAT'S OKAY D:

You comments make my year I swear, best confidence boosts ever!! <333



8 years ago

Aww Steph is awesome! And she has a purple guitar! That's great.
Thanks!! I want a purple Les Paul like 'woah'- totally my dream guitar :3