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the roaming badger { JBadgr }A multi-fandom art journal


My name is Jessica, I'm an ESL teacher with a few superfluous degrees in Linguistics, German, and French. I love languages like a fat kid loves cake and I'm a total slut for agglutinating morphemes :D

I'm a fandom whore but my <3 has always been deeply rooted in comics. I would usually label myself a 'Marvel Girl' who occasionally slept with DC on the side.

A brilliant artist I am not but I like to satiate my boredom with the occasional piece of fanart. There is usually some form of Robin in there... or a tribble or something.

I have an unhealthy obsession with purple and I'm quite fond of badgers... Hmmm, and seeing that those are my two defining characteristics, you can obviously tell I am not a 'deep' person :D

Hobbies include and are not excluded to running and playing the banjo, though I've not yet gained the ability to do both at the same time.

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